Do you struggle with fear?

Then you're not alone.

Do you know that nearly 284 million people around the world struggle with an anxiety disorder and these are just the ones who have been diagnosed by a health authority? 

In fact, the global incidence of anxiety disorders varies from 2.5 to 7% depending on the country. 

Anxiety is just one of the ways that fear can manifest.  
Other ways include constant worry, underlying angst, unrelenting anger, burnout 
and overwhelm, crippling depression and addiction, which is simply a maladaptive response to stress and a way to cover up painful emotions. 

Although there are many conventional treatments for anxiety and depression, such as therapy and medications, their effectiveness varies and fear often persists.

Fear also manifests on a global scale as war, conflict, terrorism, racism, exploitation, human trafficking, crime, environmental destruction and the manipulation of nature.

Advancing technology and rapid societal change, with the inherent uncertainty, has compounded our fear. 

Fear is now elevated and more prevalent due to the 
COVID 19 pandemic and the media frenzy surrounding it.

People fear getting COVID 19 or losing a family member to it, they fear the strain on their relationships due to sheltering at home, they fear job loss and financial setbacks and, most of all, they fear facing an uncertain future.

We are literally swimming in a sea of information, which is available from various sources, therefore, lack of information is not the problem to help you overcome your fear.

So what is the solution to help you overcome fear in one of the most challenging times in recent history?

I have gained much insight into this question as I myself suffered from a lot of fear growing up in an environment of racism, bullying and emotional neglect. 

Despite these adverse circumstances, I found my sanctuary in learning and increasing my knowledge about why people do the things they do.

My love of learning led me to medical school.  

 I am a pulmonary and critical care physician and have had an interest in human behaviour and human potential since my early adolescence due to my own childhood experiences. 

This motivated me to dive deeply into these topics and led me to write my book, 'Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life.'

In my book I describe getting in the flow as a key component of the healing process.

However, after further exploration, I discovered that flow is integral to living fully in joy, serenity and fulfillment.

This is what led to the creation of my new 6-week program, From Fear Into Flow.

So what is Flow?

 Flow is a state of complete harmony and synchronicity both within yourself and in your environment.

You see, you do not have any control over what happens in your environment but you do have control over 
your inner world, which is where flow begins.

You also have control over how you react to and interact with your outer environment, which is a higher level of     flow states.

Entering the flow is also known as getting in the zone, 
a term that is often applied to professional athletes
when their execution appears flawless.

But how do we enter this state, which is at the intersection 
of high performance and total serenity?

This is what my program From Fear Into Flow is all about. 
Let's break it down in detail.  

Module 1: Resetting Your Mind

It all starts with our thinking. Our thinking is what directs how we perceive the world we live in but it is not reality itself. 

The problem is that much of our thinking arises from our subconscious mind and is programmed in our early childhood. 

This is where subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs arise which are often the source of our fear and keep us from getting in the flow.

In this first module I'll show you techniques to remove your subconscious blocks and reframe your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, which is the first step to getting in the flow and overcoming fear.

Module 2: Mastering Your Emotions

This is one of the most challenging aspects of our lives. We are all subject to the whole spectrum of human emotion, ranging from despair to elation.

The problem comes when we try to suppress our negative emotions because they are too painful to feel. 

This results in emotional blocks which become lodged in our bodies and can cause physical symptoms and ongoing suffering.

Emotional resilience does not come from resisting our emotions but from feeling them fully and realizing that they are how we communicate with our Higher Self.

In this module I'll show you some techniques to identify and release all of your emotional blocks and how to feel all your emotions, without resistance, for greater joy and serenity, to overcome fear and to enter the flow.

Module 3: Deciphering and Unpacking Your Life Story

As we progress through our lives we all acquire a story or a narrative.

Not everyone has an uplifting life story as many of us have faced tragedy or trauma.

This does not have to be a major trauma but could also be as simple as emotional neglect.

In this module, I will help you unwrap your life story by tracing a thread through it to help you discover how your higher calling or mission is encoded right there between the lines.

I will also show you how to appreciate anything you have been through, no matter how negative it appears on the outside, and how this will help to guide you to your true path, which is the essence of being in the flow.

Module 4: Optimizing Your Physiology

Even though we are souls or higher consciousness having a human experience, we cannot ignore the fact that we have physical bodies.

Our bodies are the vehicle for our souls, in this world, and must be cared for and optimized. 

I will teach you how to harness your physiology through breath work and creative visualization, key techniques to get into the flow.

I will also teach you how to use nutrition to harness the power of your gut microbiome, which is a crucial component of your mental and neurologic health as science has recently discovered.

Module 5: Connecting To The Whole and Realizing Your Oneness

Most people live in the illusion of separation because of identification with our physical bodies. 

Once we are able to master our thoughts and emotions and see through our life stories, only then can we see beyond the illusion to the truth of who we are. 

This truth points to a deeper essence which underlies all living and non-living things and permeates nature and the universe. 

It is this deeper essence which connects all of us and is the foundation of the principle of oneness.

Everyone and everything is intricately connected whether we want to accept or believe this or not.

In this module, I will teach you techniques to help you start embodying this connection to and oneness with everything so that you can drop all irrational fears and be in flow with your outer environment under any circumstances.

Module 6: Embracing The Unknown

This is the pinnacle of going from fear into flow. 

Most people fear the unknown because of early childhood conditioning. 

As children, all we want to do is to explore and satisfy our curiosity but we are often hindered by our parents because of fear of consequences.

This is why fear of the unknown is a learned behaviour from early childhood.

What we don't realize is that the unknown is our constant companion throughout our lives and is truer now than it has ever been as we live through the uncertainty of the current pandemic. 

In this final module, we will go through some exercises to help you become comfortable with uncertainty and start to lean outside your comfort zone. 

This the greatest path to personal growth and evolution and to learn to harness your highest potential for joy, fulfillment and freedom. 

You see, your current fear is not arising because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The pandemic is just a trigger to uncover the fear that has been with you all your life.

There is nothing wrong with healthy fear because it is a survival mechanism which has helped our ancient ancestors for thousands of years.

The problem is irrational or psychological fear, which keeps us trapped in our current paradigm and keeps us from living lives of wanton abandon, free to do what we truly want with our lives. 

The only question you need to ask yourself now is do you want to live your life in fear, always wondering what you could have achieved, or do you want to forge ahead into the realm of possibility, during this uncertain time, and harness your true potential to experience the life you were always meant to live?

The choice has always been yours but, if you choose freedom from fear, you owe it to yourself to check out From Fear Into Flow.

If you have the courage to take this path, your life will transform and will never be the same. 

I'll see you on the other side.

This course will be delivered live on Wednesdays at 7 PM, for about one hour, starting on June 24, 2020 for 6 weeks with access to recordings. 

There will also be two Q & A sessions during these 6 weeks,
dates and times TBA, with access to recordings.

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