From Fear Into Flow 2.0

How overcome fear and anxiety to achieve true freedom.

Course Summary

This course will show you the true path to liberate yourself from fear and anxiety, in whatever form it takes, and to get into the flow, which is the key to freedom.

It will include 6 modules, taught over 6 weeks, with a previously recorded Q&A session.

Module 1: Resetting Your Mind
Module 2: Mastering Your Emotions
Module 3: Deciphering and Unpacking Your Life Story
Module 4: Optimizing Your Physiology
Module 5: Connecting To The Whole and Realizing Your Oneness
Module 6: Embracing The Unknown

Disclaimer: This course is not a substitute for medical, psychological or other therapeutic care. It is for education and information purposes only. You should continue to consult with your physicians, psychologists and therapists to discuss your current treatment plan.

Nauman Naeem MD

After being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I learned that a critical piece to my recovery, aside from the physical, was the emotional, mental and spiritual connection. This part was very difficult to grasp. I knew I had to do something and discovered that I needed help with the non-physical part of my healing but I did not have the tools or knowhow to do it.

I was introduced to Dr. Naeem very shortly after my diagnosis and at the beginning of my journey. From the start, Dr. Naeem brought me comfort and reassurance regarding my treatment choices.

About a year after my first visit with Dr. Naeem and knowing my situation, along with the challenges I was facing, Dr. Naeem told me about a program he was offering called 'From Fear Into Flow.' I accepted his offer and recognized this as an opportunity to gather some much needed tools.

The course was easy to follow and well guided. The information presented was a great foundation to help me build the practices needed to better understand the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of illness.

Thank you Dr. Naeem!

Paul O
I signed up for the course 'From Fear Into Flow' and was not quite sure what to expect but I was certainly not disappointed. Nauman possesses a gift for speaking and presenting his incredible knowledge regarding 'Healing from the Inside Out,' which happens to be the title of his book. I highly recommend both this course and his book.
Lynn  A

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From Fear Into Flow

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  • A systemic approach to overcoming fear and anxiety in any area of your life by getting into the flow. 6 module program.

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